What is SIP Trunking?

A SIP Trunk is a simultaneous voice call over an IP connection using VoIP.
Trunks are used with IP PBXs or legacy PBXs with a converter.
They are replacements for PRI or Voice T1s offered by the ILECs and LD providers
SIP Trunks provide: cost savings ,reliability benefits ,enhanced features

SIP Trunk Benefits
• Works with any PBX
• Purchase and provision your trunks quickly
• Use existing Broadband connection
• Purchase only what you need, not 23 at a time Most businesses have ~40% excess capacity
• Consolidate telephony services to one provider
• Support for a ‘Hybrid’ Enterprise

The End User Proposition

Take Calls Anywhere
Incoming calls ring any phone
Transparent to caller
Single phone number service
No user training


Service Details Pricing
Based around a DID
Rings up to 10 phone numbers


Target Users Increased Productivity
Always available
Not tied to desk


Becomes expected of the phone system Everyone with a DID!


Mobile Phone users
Part-time Telecommuters
Travelers Users who spend time away from the desk



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